friend in prison


I’m asking on behalf of a friend who has been incarcerated.

He has been sued by his previous union and went to court to fight it and loss, they were awarded $75000 in lawyer fees for him to pay, on top of that he owes the lawyer over $20000 and the lawyer is currently sueing him for the money

He then went to trial fighting a criminal charge and now owes over $51000 to the lawyer, who will probably sue him cause he cant pay

He hasn’t been able to get any work for 2 years because of the charges so he hasn’t been able to pay much money to all this.

He is now incarcerated and cant pay anything. can he claim bankruptcy and the money he owes be extinguished

if so how would he go about this being in prison

Category: asked May 6, 2019

1 Answer


Yes he can file bankruptcy while in prison.

The problem is:

  1. Finding a bankruptcy trustee that would be willing to visit him in prison to assess his financial situation and then sit down with him to sign the necessary bankruptcy paperwork.
  2. How is your friend going to pay a Trustee if he’s in prison? Trustees expect to get paid for their services. Unless you are willing to pay the Trustee’s fees as a favour to him, you may find it difficult to find someone willing to take on your friend’s bankruptcy.

So you should contact a Trustee firm in the city where the prison is located and speak to them about your friend’s situation and what the cost would be. The cost of bankruptcy will vary from firm to firm.