If I keep the trustee fee of $1800 in my bank, will the trustee try to take it for my creditors?


I just lost my job and am about to file bankruptcy. I have some excess money in my savings that will be taken as assets for my creditors. If I leave $1800 in the bank and tell the trustee it is for their fee, will the trustee be ok with that and not treat it as separate from my savings?

If I pay the $1800 to the trustee upfront, will the trustee see this as favoring a creditor or trying to keep money from my creditors?

Is the first trustee payment given after I sign the bankruptcy paper work or before and is the $1800 exempt from being an asset?

Category: asked June 19, 2021

1 Answer


You[re over thinking this – if $1,800 is all the money you have in the bank, just pay the $1,800 fee to the Trustee up front and everything will be fine.