Who oversees the personal bankruptcy process in Canada?

who oversees the bankruptcy process in canadaWho oversees the bankruptcy process in Canada? The Canadian bankruptcy system is overseen by three different parties:

Licensed Insolvency Trustee – she is the administrator bankruptcy estate. She is required to investigate the bankrupt’s financial affairs prior to and during the bankruptcy, liquidate the bankrupt’s assets and collect the bankrupt’s payment of his surplus income obligations. She is also required to report to the creditors, the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy and the bankruptcy court any issues relating to the conduct of the bankrupt

Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy – this is a division of the Government of Canada responsible for the supervision of trustees in bankruptcy as well as investigating any issues raised by a trustee on a bankrupt’s conduct. The OSB is also required to investigate issues raised with respect to the professional conduct of the trustee

Bankruptcy Court – the court is responsible for deciding the outcome of any issues raised to it by the trustee, the creditors or the OSB in respect of the bankrupt’s conduct before and during his bankruptcy.

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