Able to file a consumer proposal?


I hope this message finds you well.  I’m sure you’ve heard a million stories like mine…I’m an artist who has been struggling for the past 12 years to make it.  I have finally found a good job in my field building a solid award winning company.  For the first time, my income is becoming steady and I need to start building financial security.    I don’t have bad credit because I don’t want to pay my bills, I have bad credit because I’ve had a very difficult time generating income.

I’m doing everything I can now to start living right financially…including contacting you. Here is a snapshot of my financial situation.

1. My debt consists of:
-credit cards – $500
-income tax debt – $3400 – This amount is under review by my accountant.
-outstanding old debt – $2400 (old rogers accounts/private college account)

2. Net monthly income – $1800-$2000

3. Assets:
-vehicle, a banged up 2000 Toyota Echo purchase price was $500.

I heard about consolidating my debts with a “consumer proposal”. Would I be able to do this in my situation?

Category: asked November 28, 2013

1 Answer


Thanks for the information. You might be able to file a consumer proposal. This is a legal settlement with your creditors which can be paid on a monthly basis. You should contact a bankruptcy trustee by looking at our site’s Trustee Directory and explore this option.