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I unfortunately went thru a bankruptcy and got my discharge Feb 2019. During the bankruptcy I got a letter stating that I was part of a settlement from a class action lawsuit against Money Mart. I had no idea what it was about so I sent the letter to my trustee who told me that as it was not to be cashed (it was a voucher) until 3 years after the bankruptcy that it would be mine to use as I pleased. He also said they can’t use it to off set money owing. Yes they were one of my creditors. When I went to cash it out after the 3 years I was told it went to money owing. Is this right? I got a credit check done and it said the money was written off. So I am assuming the debt was written off and they can’t keep the settlement voucher which was sent to me in 2018. Is this correct?


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You really should speak with your Trustee about this since this is a very peculiar situation. Your Trustee would be in a better position to answer your question given his familiarity with your file.