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I am trying to help my son get his life back..he has been in jail..unemployed mental health..etc..

I live in BC and he lives in Manitoba

Can he give me consent to deal with his bankruptcy issues that started in March 2012Can everything be done on line or he has to go to court but he has no fundsWhen he filed for bankruptcy in March 2012..the receiver put a tax assignment on any future  tax refunds so when i did his tax returns 5 years back  in 2016 there was an order for tax assignment put on his file again !!!!

Can he cancel his bankruptcy application from way back because those debts were from 2012 going back

Is there not a 6 year limit for the company to try and get funds from him

The receiver from Winnipeg is no longer handling anything ..but revenue canada has funds on hold because of the above.

He started working in 2019..then Cerb came around


Category: asked May 16, 2021

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Did your son complete his bankruptcy and obtain his discharge? From your description of his situation, it appears that he didn’t.

If the Trustee isn’t responding to your inquiries then you should contact the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy and pose your question to them.

They would have the details of your son’s file and they can make inquiries to his Trustee.