Revenue canada has been after me for years and i have thousands of dollars in interest and penalties as well as unpaid taxes. They obtained a lein on my home for way more than I owe, but I think it was based upon some kind of “judgement”. does this debt get handeled in a proposal or do I come out of a proposal with this still owing?

Category: asked July 23, 2016

1 Answer


Once the Canada Revenue Agency puts a lien on your home, it’s effectively like a mortgage. It won’t come off until you’ve paid CRA in full.

Did you actually file your tax returns, or did CRA just arbitrarily assess you based on what they “think” you owe to them?

If you haven’t filed your tax returns, then you should hire an accountant and do so. Maybe you actually owe less than CRA says you do. But you’ll never know until you actually file.